Gastec Training

Yellow Tree Studio's new technology and online learning platform will enable Gastec to assess and contribute to safe utility training worldwide.

Project Challenges

Gastec Training and Assessment Centres have been offering ACS training and assessment services to trades for nearly three decades. They provide a wide range of ACS training and assessment services, enabling engineers to become Gas Safe registered and OFTEC oil qualified.

Recognizing the need for digital transformation, Gastec has introduced online booking calendars, payment systems, and an online learning portal to streamline their offerings.

With these digital tools, the registration process is made quick and easy, while payment processes become fully automated. The digital transformation also enhances learning experiences for engineers, as the online portal is accessible 24/7, from anywhere. By embracing technology, Gastec ensures that their training and assessment services remain efficient, reliable, and accessible to tradespeople, wherever they may be.

Solution Provided

The platform will allow Gastec to assess and contribute to the safe practice of utility training from anywhere in the world.

With the platform, students can access training materials, take tests, and interact with instructors in real-time. Gastec will have access to invaluable data and insights into the progress and performance of each student.

Additionally, the platform allows for collaboration and sharing among different utility training entities, streamlining the training process and improving safety standards. The platform’s introduction marks a significant step towards ensuring the safety and efficacy of utility training programs worldwide.

Automating the whole process.

Switching to online training has improved learning by considering the candidates’ working memory and building new knowledge on existing proficiency. Yellow Tree Studios offers interactive tools including 360 videos, 3D animation, audio, activities, games, and quizzes to increase engagement and deliver effective training. This approach saves money on travel costs and streamlines the training process.

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