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Project Challenges

Established in 2009, In-motion Limited has fast become one of the leading suppliers of Film, TV, Event, Broadcast, Entertainment and Photographic products in the industry. In-motion are an approved Sales and Service supplier to the BBC.

The company recognized that their current website was not meeting their needs in terms of functionality, user experience, and overall design. To address these concerns, they turned to Yellow Tree Studio for a redesign.

We worked closely with the client to understand their goals and preferences for the new website, and then developed a customised solution to meet those needs. This included updated branding, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality to make the ecommerce experience more enjoyable and intuitive for users.

Solution Provided

The website was designed to incorporate the latest features for a smooth and efficient user experience. The website includes a variety of different features that allow customers to browse and purchase products easily.

These features include a responsive design for mobile and desktop users, a secure payment processing system, a user-friendly product catalogue, and an inventory management system. The website was built with the client’s needs in mind, and Yellow Tree Studio ensured that the website was able to handle a large volume of traffic.

Overall, the ecommerce website created by Yellow Tree Studio is a highly functional and professional site that is perfect for any business looking to sell its products online.

The Future of Ecommerce

The future of ecommerce is promising. With the increasing use of smartphones, online shopping has become more accessible and convenient. The rise of social media platforms has also provided businesses with new marketing opportunities to reach potential customers. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in ecommerce will allow for personalized customer experiences and targeted advertising.

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