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At Yellow Tree Studio we create all sort of websites from beautiful simple portfolio's to high end E-commerce and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Ongoing SEO

Ongoing SEO

Wordpress Website Developer

SEO involves optimising the content and structure of a website to make it more attractive to search engines. The ultimate goal is to improve the website’s visibility in search results, driving more organic traffic and potential customers to the website.

SEO strategies include researching and targeting relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, improving website speed and user experience, and building quality backlinks to the website. These techniques help search engines understand the relevance and authority of a website, which can ultimately lead to higher rankings in search results.

With the increasing importance of online presence, SEO has become a crucial part of digital marketing strategies. Properly executed SEO can help small businesses and large corporations alike to reach their target audience and drive more leads and sales.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO, or local search engine optimisation, is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimising a business’s online presence to rank higher in local search results. This can include optimising a website for specific geographic keywords, creating and optimising Google My Business listings, and building local citations and backlinks.

The benefits of local SEO are numerous for businesses that operate in a specific geographic area. By optimising for local search, businesses can increase their online visibility and reach more potential customers who are searching for their products or services in their area. This can lead to an increase in website traffic, phone calls, and foot traffic to a physical location.

Additionally, local SEO can help businesses build trust and credibility with their target audience by showcasing customer reviews and ratings, and providing accurate business information such as hours of operation, address, and contact details. This can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and increased revenue for the business.

Website Audit

Local SEO

Web Design Staines

Our website audit service is designed to evaluate the overall health of a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. This includes analysing various factors that affect a website’s ranking such as website structure, content quality, loading speed, and backlink profile. Our SEO team examines these elements in detail to identify any issues that may potentially harm the website’s search engine ranking. Through our SEO audit process, we aim to provide our clients with actionable insights and recommendations that they can use to improve their website’s SEO performance.

Yellow Tree Studio exceeded my expectations with their exceptional web development services. Their creative approach, attention to detail, and timely delivery impressed me. They crafted a website that perfectly captured my vision and brand identity. I highly recommend Yellow Tree Studio for anyone seeking top-notch web development.


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