Automation and
Systems Integrations

With the integration of third-party applications or software that has an API, businesses can seamlessly incorporate their CRM, warehouse, or accounting applications with their website, improving efficiency and reducing the chances of human errors.

Stock control systems

Stock control systems

Digital Transformation

Warehouse management systems integrated with ERPs, such as Sage, Orderwise, NetSuite, and Pegasus Opera, offer a convenient solution to manage stock levels and notify the warehouse immediately when orders are placed. Real-time updates ensure that the system’s information is always current, meaning that there is never a risk of over-ordering.

Bookkeeping and order processing

Bookkeeping and order processing

Sage and Xero are examples of software that can be integrated with your website for easier bookkeeping and accounting. Instead of forcing your bookkeepers and accountants to learn how to use your website, you can integrate the software they are already familiar with. This way, they can print reports and view orders without having to navigate through a new program. By integrating software with your website, you can streamline your business processes and reduce the time and effort needed to manage your finances.

Automated delivery cost calculations

Bookkeeping and order processing

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As an online retailer, it’s important to ensure that you charge the correct delivery fees at checkout to protect your margins and ensure a positive customer experience. By obtaining real-time rates directly from couriers such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, and UPS, you can present your customers with accurate shipping costs based on their location and order details. This not only ensures that you’re covering your costs but also helps to build trust with your customers by providing transparent pricing.


Bookkeeping and order processing

Marketing APIs enable businesses to better understand their customers by gathering customer data from various sources and consolidating it into a centralized database. This information can be used to create tailored marketing campaigns that are designed to resonate with specific groups of customers, driving engagement and revenue. APIs allow for the integration of data from external sources, such as social media profiles or demographic information, into the customer database, providing a more comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.

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